Zearalenone production in groundnut uri icon


  • Fusariutn spp. are important components of the seed mycoflora of healthy4! undnut pods (Jackson, 1965; Joffe, 1969; McDonald, 196'3). and are alsoi~ plicated in pod rots (Mercer, 1977; Mehan er al., 1981). Some species ofthis genus are well-known producers of mycotoxins such as zearalenone.diacetoxyscirpenol and neosolaniol (Mirocha et al., 1976; Ueno. 1977).Zearalenone, an oestrogenic mycotoxin, has mainly been found in cerealgrains and their products (Mirocha and Christensen, 1974). Zearalenone hasbeen reported to occur naturally in sesame (Mirocha et al., 1976) and ingroundnuts (Mehan and McDonald, 1982). This chapter reports the naturaloccurrence of zearalenone and the effects of cultural conditions on itsproduction in groundnut seeds by a toxigenic strain of F. o.rysporum

publication date

  • 1985