Consumer Preferences for Groundnut Quality uri icon


  • The paper identifies and quantifies the relevant quality characteristics of groundnuts, and prepares a groundnut quality index based on these identified characteristics. The hypothesis that variability in groundnut prices is a function of customer preferences for various quality characteristics is tested. 166 groundnut pod samples were collected from the Adoni market, Andhra Pradesh, on two market days during May 1984. Multiple regression analysis was used. Consumers were found to have a strong preference for groundnuts with a larger percentage of whole seeds. As the percentage of shrivelled seed or damaged seed to whole seed increases, groundnut prices decline significantly. Between 60%-65% of the variation in price in an assembling market can be explained by a set of six relevant quality characteristics, viz. hundred seed weight, shelling percentage, oil content, percentage of damaged seeds, percentage of shrivelled seeds, and percentage of discarded pods

publication date

  • 1985