Combining Ability Analysis of N2-Fixation and Related Traits in Peanut1 uri icon


  • Analysis of a six parent diallel cross involving high and lownitrogen fixing peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) genotypes revealedthe predominant nature of non-additive genetic variancefor nitrogenase activity and other traits. Germplasm line,NC Ac 2821 had the highest general combining ability for nitrogenaseactivity, total nitrogen, leaf area, and top weight, andtherefore, it should be a good parent for use in breeding programs.Nitrogenase activity was significantly and positively correlatedwith nodule number, nodule mass, total nitrogen, topweight, and root weight. This evidence suggests the possibilityof breeding for increased nitrogen fixation and thus yield inpeanut

publication date

  • 1985