Systematics and Evolution of Eleusine coracana (Gramineae) uri icon


  • About 1400 accessions from India, Sri Lanka and Africa, and some of uncertain origin, were grown near Patancheru, India, and studied for 12 quantitative and nine qualitative characters. The systematics of E. coracana subsp. coracana, which is cultivated in eastern and southern Africa and in southern Asia, and E. coracana subsp. africana, which grows wild in Africa and as a weed in Asia and America, are given in detail. Derivatives of hybrids between the two subspecies are companion weeds of the crop in Africa. Cultivated subsp. coracana is divided into five races on the basis of inflorescence morphology. Race Coracana is widely distributed across the range of cultivation and may have been cultivated in Africa 5000 years ago. Racial evolution took place in Africa and races Vulgaris, Elongata, Plana and Compacta evolved from race Coracana, and were introduced into India some 3000 years ago. Little independent racial evolution took place in India

publication date

  • 1984