Response of Sorghum and Pearl Millet to Drought Stress in Semi-Arid India uri icon


  • The wide range of environments in which sorghum and pearl millet are grown in semi-arid Indiacan be grouped as variable, optimum (or near-optimum), and stored soil moisture types.Variations in specific plant responses such as phenology, leaf area development, root growth,and water-use efficiency under these three types of environments are discussed. Sorghum andmillet are contrasted for their response to a variable moisture environment, and the response ofsorghum grown under stored moisture during the postrainy season to terminal stress isdescribed. Finally the role of timing, intensity, and duration of stress on grain yield is examined.Breeding and management strategies for obtaining consistently high grain yields should fullytake into account specific plant responses to the basic environment to which research isdirected

publication date

  • 1984