Chemical Composition and Food Quality of Sorghum uri icon


  • Sorghum is the staple food grain for a large segment of thepopulation in the semi-arid tropical regions. Though increasingthe yield and i ts stability is of paramount importance, improvingthe grain quality also deserves attention. Sorghum grainquality is determined by several factors such as visual quality;nutritional quality, including digestibility and bioavailability ofnutrients; antinutritional factors such as tannins; processingcharacteristics; cooking quality; and consumer acceptability.Hulse et al., (1980) have published an exhaustive review of thechemicaNutritional and processing quality of sorghuml composition and nutritive value of sorghum andmillets. This report discusses t h e results of studies carried outat 1CRISAT on the nutritional quality of sorghum and givesa brief account of food quality, including consumer acceptance

publication date

  • 1984