Effects of nitrification inhibitors on chemical composition of plants: A review uri icon


  • The potential of nitrification inhibitors to improve N fertilizer efficiency is well recognized. However, their effects on crop quality have received much less attention. Recent literature pertaining to the effects of nitrification inhibitors on chemical composition of plants is reviewed. The topics examined include how the form of inorganic N and retardation of nitrification affects accumulation and content of protein and nitrogenous compounds, cations and anions, and organic acids. There is ample evidence to suggest that nitrification inhibitors hold promise to improve the quality of crops in situations where accumulation of NO? 3 or organic acids such as oxalic acid is a problem. There is need for future research to examine how nitrification retardation affects cation?anion balance in plants under field conditions because experiments conducted under controlled conditions and in the field have at times given divergent results. Since the use of nitrification inhibitors is increasing, investigations to evaluate their use to improve crop quality In addition to quantity should receive priority

publication date

  • 1984