Prospects for successful integrated control of biotic yield -reducing agents of sorghum and pearl millet in the tropics uri icon


  • Sorghum and pearl millet, staple cereals in the semi-arid tropics, are attacked by many pests of several kinds, from the seedling stage up to and after crop maturity. Some of the more important pests of these two crops are described, and possibilities for their control are discussed. Management practices, host-plant resistance, and pesticides are available, in various combinations, to control the pests of these crops, and more options will become available in the future. The combinations of pest control methods that farmers are able and willing to use, however, depend upon the interaction of several biological, social, economic, commercial, and political factors, and due attention must be given to all of these if effective pest control and sustained increased production of these crops is to become a reality

publication date

  • 1983