Management as a factor of production in the semi-arid tropics of rural South India uri icon


  • Using time series, cross-sectional data, the paper describes and explains interfarm variations in managerial performance in the semi arid tropics of rural South India. The study focuses on the consequences of personal characteristics on efficiency as measured by relative productivity differences in net returns to management. Managerial performance is statistically evaluated with respect to farmers in the same village. The study is based on data for five cropping years from 1975/76 to 1979/80 collected from the ICRISAT Village Level Studies. Farming experience was the overriding consideration separating good from bad managers. Older farmers, those born into traditional farming, and those who practised hands-on farming, had significantly higher returns to management. These results emphasize the importance in understanding occupational status by migration interaction

publication date

  • 1983