Cytomorphological studies in Cajanus cajan x atylosia lineata uri icon


  • Atytosia lineata was successfully hybridized with Cajanus cajan using the latter as female patent. Reciprocal crosses were not successful. The characters of C. cajan, viz., fugacious stiplues, absence of pigmentation on the standard petal, deciduous petals, absence of hairs on the pods, non-shattering nature of pods reddish brown seed color without mottles and absence of strophiole on the seeds were recessive to those of. A.lmtata. The meiotic behaviour of the hybrid was regular exceptfor minor abnormalities. Two bivalents frequently showed heteromorphism and there was a reduction in the chiasma frequency during diakmesis and metaphase-I. A few laggards and irregular distribution of chromosomes to the poles during anaphase-I was noticed in s few cells. On the basis of plant morphology, crossability, hybrid fertility and meiotic behaviour, A. lineata comes very close to C. cajan

publication date

  • 1983