The Oriental Armyworm, Mythimna separata (Wlk.) Distribution, biology and control: a literature review.Miscellaneous Report No 59 uri icon


  • The or~entaal rmyworm, Mythimna separata IWlk.1, IS one of the serious cereal pests in theAsran and AustralIan conlrnents It IS widely distrrbuted bctween 45 N and 45's lat~tudeand 60~Etn beyond 170' W lony~tude,c overing 27 countr~es/coloniatl erritnr~es/~slandsfrom humid tropical to temperate regions. Serious outbreaks have occurred In India, Ch~na,Japan, Australla, New Zcaland. FIII, Bangladesh, and Tha~lancl.V ar~ousth eories are quotedto cxpla~nth e outbreaks. Exact y ~ e l d10 % ~stimatcsa re not ~va~lablbeu, t heavy losses havebeer1 experienced In India, Ch~naJ, apan, Australla, New Zealand, and Barigladesh, Insectdevelopment varies accord~ngto tempcratlrre and tiumid~ty.P opulat~onsh ave beenmon~toredcl slng light traps, traps, ariri dry sorghum leaves. Larval brhav~ourvarles cons~derably In thc sol~tary and yreyarlous phases. 111 China and Japan migration sreportedForty-two parasrtes, 16 predators, and 12 pathogens have been reported from thefield. Male and female pheromones have beer1 analysed. Mythirnna separ(3t.a feeds on 33plant species belonq~ngto 8 fam~lrcs.D ~fferent~vaalr ietal suscept~b~litoyc curs Iri wheat,rlcc, malze, and sorghum. A large number of chem~calsg ~vee flect~vec ontrol

publication date

  • 1983