Cowpea-Group Rhizobium In Soils Of The Semiarid Tropics uri icon


  • Population of "cowpea-group" Rhizobium in fields at ICRISATwere estimated by the most probable number(MPN) method usingsiratro (Macropulium atropurpureum) as host. There was usually alarge variability in Rhizobium numbers between sampling sites inthe same Held. The populations were more consistent in Alfisols(range from 104 to 3 x 105 /g soil) than in Vertisols (0 to 106 /g soil)and decreased with depth. In paddy fields, the numbers were verylow. Pigeonpea cultivars ICP-7332 (small seeded) and ICP-1(medium sized), grown in test tubes, could also be used for theMPN method. In four of five soils tested, counts with pigeonpea ashost were less than when siratro was used

publication date

  • 1982