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  • Vertisols are an important group of soils in the semi-arid tropics (SAT) of lndiaand elsewhere. They have high water-storage capacity and high productionpotential, which remains under-utilised because of the difficulty of managigthese soils and the use of traditional technology. Drought and poor dniware twin problems which discourage most farmers from cropping these mils mthe rainy season and make them resort to post-rainy cropping,A technology based on the watershed concept, broadbed-and-furrow syrtanand land management, use of improved implements, high-yielding varieties,double-cropping and intercropping systems, balanced.we of fertiliser and goodcrop management practices has been evolved and tested for 8 yearsat lCRlSATCenter, near Hyderabad. The technology offers the possibility of incrtosingyield to 3 to 5 tonnesl ha and of giving profits up to 250% on the investment. Theimproved technology reduces soil and water lossand increases production. It islikely to improve the employment potential and well-being of the people of theSAT.The technology needs trials in different agroclirnatic environments in lndiaand also critical evaluation and modification elsewhere

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  • 1982