A cytoplasmic-genetic male sterile line in pigeonpea uri icon


  • A few male-sterile plants with morphologically normal anthers which lacked viable pollen were found in the BCF2 of the cross Atylosia scarabaeoides X (Cajanus cajan 'T21' X A. scarabaeoides). When these plants were pollinated using the C. cajan varieties Pant A2, Baigani and ICP6997, the resulting F1 segregated for male sterility. Only male-sterile plants were produced when these F1s were backcrossed with their respective C. cajan parents as male parents, suggesting that male sterility involved A. scarabaeoides cytoplasm. However, when the original male-sterile plants were crossed with A. scarabaeoides, all the F1 were normal, indicating nucleocytoplasmic control of male sterility. C. cajan 'C11' has been found to restore fertility to this male sterility

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  • 1981

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