Investigation on weed suppressing ability of smother cropping systems in relation to canopy development and light interception uri icon


  • A system was developed at ICRISAT in which cowpea and mung beans were grown between the rows of sorghum in order to suppress weeds and provide additional crop yield. In the present study, canopy development and the pattern of light interception in such a system were analyzed. The accumulation of weed biomass in sorghum/cowpea and sorghum/mung bean with 1 hand-weeding was less than that in sorghum alone with 2 hand-weedings. Maximum LAI and maximum percent light interception by crops was attained more quickly with intercropping than without. LAI and percent light interception were positively correlated. Percent light interception by crops and weed biomass accumulation were negatively correlated. The growth and resource use by different cropping systems was analyzed and the net productivity in the different systems was calculated

publication date

  • 1981