Boiled Sorghum Characteristics and their Relationship to Starch Properties uri icon


  • Traditional methods of boiled sorghum preparations are described. The cooking quality ofboiled sorghum prepared from dehulled grain of 25 cultivars was evaluated using laboratoryprocedures. The percent increase in volume and weight of grains due to cooking, timerequired for cooking, texture of the cooked grain, and overall acceptability of the cookedproduct varied among the genotypes. Color, taste, texture, and keeping quality of boiledsorghum were evaluated using a taste panel. Swelling power, solubility, and inherentviscosity of starch were determined for 12 cultivars. The relationship between starchcharacteristics and cooking quality of boiled sorghum was studied. Cooking qualitycharacteristics of boiled sorghum were significantly correlated with the swelling power andsolubility of the starch

publication date

  • 1981