A Review of Ascochyta Blight of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) uri icon


  • Chickpea (Cicer aricrinum L.) is an important grain legume crop of drylandagriculture in Asia, Africa and Central and South America. Thc total cultivatedarea of chickpea in the world is about 10.4 million hectares and annual productionis about 6.8 million tonnes (FA0 1978). The average yields per hectare areestimated to be around 700 kg. Chickpea is known by other names such as Bengalgram, gram, Egyptian pea, Spanish pea, Chestnut bean (all English), pois chiche(French), chana (Hindi), homos (Arabic), grao-de-bico (Portuguese), garbanzoor garavance (Spanish), ctc

publication date

  • 1981