Groundnut cultivars with seed resistant to invasion by Aspergillus flavus uri icon


  • One Indian commercial eultivar J 11 and two groundnut lines PI 337409 and PI 337394 F were found resistant to inva¬sion and colonisation by A. flavus of intact, dried seeds when these were rehydrated and inoculated with Indian strains of the fungus. Sto¬rage of seeds for periods of 55, 70 and 90 days before testing did not significantly affect the results. Inoculation of seeds of seven cultivars with three different toxigenic strains of A. flavus showed marked differences in invasive potential between cultivars. The strain NRRL 3000 was less virulent than the other two on all cultivars. The eultivar J 11, which also shows resistance to pod rots, could be useful in areas where aflatoxin contamination is a serious problem

publication date

  • 1981