Pachytene Analyses in Cajanus cajan, Atylosia lineata and Their Hybrid uri icon


  • Cytological studies on the two closely allied genera, Cajanus (Pigeonpea, Red gram) and Atylosia has been so far confined to somatic karyotypes only (Deodikar and Thakar 1956, Kumar et al. 1958, Sikar and De 1967). In a previous report we (Reddy and De, in press) critically analysed the somatic karyotypes of Cajanus and Atylosia with a view to throw some light on the phylogenetic aspects of these two genera. However, the interpretation of relationship between different species and genera from the study of the mitotic chromosomes alone is not enough. Since the pioneering work of McClintock (1929) on Zea mays, the utility of pachytene chromosomes in phylogenetical studies has been widely appreciated and well documented (Gottschalk 1954, 1972, Gottschalk and Peters 1956, Venkateswarulu 1960, 1972, Magoon et al. 1964). Hence the present study on the pachytene chromosomes of Cajanus, A. lineata and their hybrid was undertaken. The pachytene chromosomes of two allied species of Atylosia viz., A. sericea and A. scarabaeoides and their hybrids with Cajanus will be dealt in future publications

publication date

  • 1981