Pachytene analyses in Atylosia scarabaeoides and Cajanus cajan X A. scarabaeoides hybrid uri icon


  • This is the third in a series of papers dealing with our investigations on interrelationship of Cajanus cajan and Atylosia species as revealed by hybridization and pachytene analysis. In the previous communication we (Reddy 1981 a, b) dealt with the pachytene analyses of two erect species of Atylosia, viz., A. lineata and A. sericea and their hybrids with Cajanus. A. scarabaeoides is a twiner and shows close similarities with Cajanus differing slightly in its growth habit and physiogeny. Studies on somatic karyology of Cajanus and A. scarabaeoides (Reddy and De, in press) indicated that 6 out of 11 chromosome pairs are common to them. The present paper deals with the pachytene karyomorphology of A. scarabaeoides and Cajanus x A. scarabaeoides hybrid

publication date

  • 1981