Climatic classification: a consultants' meeting at ICRISAT Patancheru, Andhra Pradesh, India, 14-16 Apr 1980 uri icon


  • This proceedings consists of the following papers: welcome address ( Swindale, L.D.); need, relevance, and objectives of the consultants' meeting on climatic classification (Virmani, S.M.); first session: current concepts and approaches; climatic classification: concepts for dry tropical environments (Grove, A.T.); classification of semi-arid tropics: climatic and phytogeographic approaches (Meher-Homji, V.M.); use of principal component analysis in rational classification of climates (Gadgil, S; J oshi, N.V.); second session: a practical classification system for agriculture in the SAT: climatic classification of semi -arid tropics in relation to farming systems research (Vi rmani, S.M. ; Sivakumar, M.V.K.; Reddy, S.J.); climatic classification, agroclimatic resource assessment, and possibilities for application in the semi -arid tropics ( Williams, G.D.V.; Masterton, J.); agroclimatic classification methods and their application to India (Krishnan, A.); agroclimatic classification for assessment of crop potential and its application to and dry farming tract s of India ( Sarker, R.P.; Biswas, B.C.)

publication date

  • 1980