Evaluation of chelating compounds and carbofuran for inhibiting nitrification in soils uri icon


  • Studies to evaluate 5 chelating compounds NTA (nitrilotriacetic acid), EDTA (ethylene diaminetetra acetic acid), tartaric acid, citric acid, thiourea and an insecticide, carbofuran as inhibitors of nitrifucation in a sandy loam (pH 7.7) at 10 and 50 ppm concentrations showed that except thiourea and carbofuran they had no appreciable effect on nitrification. Even thiourea and carbofuran were moderately effective at higher concentrations in retarding nitrification in soil at the most upto 3 weeks. The results of the study suggest that all the chelating compounds may not necessarily be inhibitors of nitrification process in soils as commonly believed and that carbofuran may have little effect on nitrification in soils with pH in the alkaline range under normal application rates

publication date

  • 1978