The economics of tractors in South Asia uri icon


  • TRACTORIZATION of agriculture in low-wage countries has been the center of one of the most virulent and emotional choice-of-techniques debate for the past 20 years. It is therefore not surprising that, apart f r o m spawning large quantities of theoretical -conceptual literature and a massive amount of partisan writing , it has also led to a very substantial amount of careful empirical work at the micro- and macro levels. In particular , there are now available a large number of farm-level tractor surveys from practically every agroclimatic zone in the Indian subcontinent. However, many of these surveys are not easily accessible (masters and Ph.D. theses) or not easily comparable. The main effort of this paper is to assemble the studies and present their findings in a way which makes them comparable across agroclimatic zones. Whatever merit this summary may have thus goes in large part to the patient (and sometimes unrewarding) effort of the many researchers who assembled the basic facts initially. Of course, they cannot be held responsible for mistakes or misinterpretations which might have occurred in the summarization process

publication date

  • 1978