Studies on the proteins of the mutants of barley grain. 2. Fractionation and characterization of the alcohol-soluble proteins uri icon


  • Fractionation and characterization of the alcohol-soluble proteins of a barley variety, its mutants, andHiproly, a high-protein and high-nutritive barley isolated from the world barley collection, indicatequantitative and qualitative changes in the mutants. The 35 % ethanol-soluble subfraction is higherin proportion in the mutants and Hiproly, and this could have resulted from the higher proportionsof the polar amino acids in these proteins among which are also some limiting amino acids like lysineand threonine. The digestibility, as observed by the in vitro procedure, of this subfraction in all thevarieties also is higher and, presumably as a result, the hordein fraction of these mutants also showsbetter digestibility. It appears that, in view of the presence of more polar amino acids which includelysine in this subfraction and better digestibility, its enrichment could be a nutritionally favorable indexof better grain quality

publication date

  • 1977