Strategic action plan to strengthen conservation and use of Mesoamerican plant genetic resources in adapting agriculture to climate change SAPM 2014-2024 uri icon


  • The Strategic Action Plan to Strengthen the Conservation and Use of Mesoamerican Plant Genetic Resources in Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change (SAPM) is a ten-year road map to strengthen conservation, access and use of plant genetic resources in Mesoamerica, as a strategic element for food security and agricultural adaptation to climate change and other threats.The SAPM comprises six thematic components and activities which are all interconnected and the implementation of the Action Plan is foreseen in an integrated manner. The plan has been formulated using a methodology that combines the analysis of scientific evidence on the current state of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture (PGRFA) in the region, of climate change challenges and opportunities, and a broad participatory process involving regional stakeholders. Results of analyses and documents used in the analyses are available in Spanish to the public in the ITZAMNÁ website (

publication date

  • 2014