Maize and livestock: their inter-linked roles in meeting human needs in Ethiopia uri icon


  • This study was conducted to understand the roles and interactions of maize and livestock in meeting livelihoods requirement of Ethiopian households in the maize belt. Emphasis was given to the factors that determine the use patterns of maize in order to identify options for improving the use of maize as livestock feed. The specific objectives were to characterize the maize-livestock production system; to assess the availability and use of livestock feed in the system; to analyse the role of maize as food and feed; and to analyse the factors that affect the use of maize as livestock feed. The report is organized as follows. The first section is introduction. The following section presents methods of study. Section three describes the study area. Section four presents crop production in the maize belt area. Sections five and six deal with maize and livestock production in the maize belt, respectively. Section seven presents the multiple roles of maize, while section eight describes the feed marketing situation in the study area. Section nine concludes the paper and draws implications

publication date

  • 2008