Livestock ownership, commercial off-take rates and their determinants in Ethiopia uri icon


  • This study is conducted to assess the commercial off-take rates for cattle and shoats in the highland and pastoral areas of Ethiopia in order to complement the limited empirical information related to the off-take rates. The specific objectives are: (a) estimate off-take rates for cattle and shoats in mixed crop-livestock systems in the predominantly highland regions and in the pastoral systems in the lowlands, (b) estimate extent and nature of market participation by households and identify factors affecting the nature and extent of market participation for live animals in mixed crop-livestock systems, and (c) quantify the extent of demand for cattle and shoats for domestic consumption to assess how much of the aggregate commercial off-take is absorbed by domestic consumption and the balance left for live animal and meat export. The remaining sections of this paper are organized as follows. Section Two discusses the conceptual framework and empirical model for this study. The data sources and descriptions are given in Section Three. In Section Four the results and discussions of the descriptive and econometric analyses are presented. Finally, conclusions and recommendations are made in Section Five

publication date

  • 2008