Optimum fodder-mulch allocation of tree foliage under alley farming in southwest Nigeria uri icon


  • In alley farming, crop response to mulching is the most important determinant of whether or not the use of prunings for feeding animals is economic. The aim of this paper is to use some recent agronomic and animal nutrition trial data to reassess whether it is economic to add small ruminants to alley cropping. It will not give a full economic analysis of alley cropping and alley farming. More specifically, it will be assessed whether, and how much, tree foliage may be fed to small ruminants to enhance farm returns. At low crop yields, and low crop response to mulching, feeding part of the tree foliage to small ruminants is economically gainful but at high crop yield levels and higher crop response to mulching, the use of pruning for feeding animals is uneconomic at current market prices

publication date

  • 1992