Effect of seedbed methods and time of harvest on the yield and nutritive value of some forage crops grown on Vertisol at Debre Zeit, Ethiopia uri icon


  • Assesses the yield and nutritive value of potential forage crops some of which are Avena sativa, Vigna unguiculata, Lablab purpureus, Vicia dasycarpa, Trifolium steudneri and Sesbania sesban when planted early under traditional and improved drainage systems on Vertisol and different time of harvests over the growing season. High dry matter yield was recorded for some of the early planted crops on Vertisol, and also yield increased with advance in stage of maturity or subsequent harvests. On the other hand, crude protein content and IVDMD levels decline with maturity. Includes data on dry matter yields and chemical composition

publication date

  • 1992