Dry and wet season performance of selected herbaceous legumes in Uganda uri icon


  • The dry matter production of 9 herbaceous legume species was evaluated over 3 years for their suitability as forage species in the subhumid regions of Uganda. Dry matter production of Centrosema pascuorum (6774), Chamaecrista rotundifolia (Wynn), Clitoria ternatea (9291), Macroptilium atropurpureum (Siratro), Stylosanthes guianesis (Cook), S. guianensis (163), S. hamata (Verano), S. scabra (441) and S. scabra (Seca) was assessed after 3-,6-,9- and 12- weeks regrowth in the wet season and after 6- and 12- weeks regrowth in the dry season. The Stylosanthes species were most productive in both wet and dry seasons. Appropriate seed production technologies need to be developed to make seed available for further studies and for distribution to farmers

publication date

  • 1997