Etudes epidemiologiques sur Babesia bigemina au Maroc. (Epidemiological studies of Babesia bigemina infection in Morocco) uri icon


  • Bovine babesiosis has been identified clinically in many areas of Morocco. A seroepidemiological survey of B. bigemina infection was conducted in the 5 main dairy cattle areas in order to estimate the prevalence of the infection. A total of 1819 bovine sera was tested using ELISA to identify animals with B. bigemina antibodies. It was shown that 68% of the herds tested were infected by B. bigemina. The prevalence of B. bigemina was 12% in Doukkala, 14% in Gharb and Loukkos, 16% in Haouz and 10% in Tadla. It was also revealed that the breeders' knowledge regarding the disease is insufficient. The proportion of animals which tested positive was significantly higher among older animals, imported animals and females. Generally, the breeding conditions and practices used in the regions studied had little noticeable impact on the prevalence of the infection

publication date

  • 2002