Application of septenary multiplex PCR detection for some animal components in sheep and goat meat products uri icon


  • Septenary multiplex PCR method and protocol to identify DNAs of pig, cow, sheep, goat, chicken, horse and yak was optimized and developed. Sensitivity of the three species (cow, yak and goat) in the septenary multiplex PCR system was analysed. 10 products made of sheep and goat meat were detected. The results showed that routine agarose gel electrophoresis was sufficient to differentiate the multiplex PCR products ranging from 175 to 517 bp and differing by at least 41 bp each other, indicating that this septenary multiplex PCR method could be used for rapid and accurate identification of the seven species and for three species (cow, yak and goat) at sensitivity of 2.5 ng DNA. Among the 10 products examined using this protocol, 2 products were found to have mixed with some beef or completely adulterated by beef

publication date

  • 2010