Algunos métodos promisorios para el control de arroz rojo y arroz espontáneo de variedades indeseables uri icon


  • Red rice (Oryza satlva L ) has been a serious problem in rice fields for hundreds of years and even now no effective control measure exist. In this study, new approaches were evaluated. Flooding for two weeks prior to seeding IR-22 eliminated 99 percent of the tall variety Bluebonnet 50, which had been seeded before flooding. Red rice is not susceptible to flooding alone. Residual preemergence herbicides were applied in fields infested with rice and the plots were then flooded for 30 days before seeding commercial rice. Atrazine at 2 kgai/ha gave excellent control and left no residues after the 30 day flooding period. The combination of paraquat plus linuron in postemergence also gave excellent red rice control and left no residue problem after 30 days. The results may be valid only for the conditions of the trial and should be tested under a wide variety of environmental conditions before recommendations to rice growers can be made

publication date

  • 1976