El cultivo de yuca para la altillanura plana de los Llanos Orientales de Colombia uri icon


  • Specific recommendations for cassava cultivation and soil conservation in the plateau area of the Colombian Llanos Orientales are given. These include choice of area (level), soil preparation, var. (M Ven 77, M Per 245, and HMC 2, and the hybrids CM 507-37, CM 523-7, and CM 430-37), selection of cuttings (bulky, 20 cm long, and fresh), treatment of cuttings (immersion in a solution of fungicides, insecticides, and zinc sulfate), planting system (vertical position with buds facing upwards, 80 x 80 cm apart in Sept. or Oct.), fertilization and liming, pest control (thrips and mites), and harvest (1st months of the year, 12-14 mo. after planting). If these recommendations are followed, yields of 15-20 t/ha can be obtained in this region. (CIAT)

publication date

  • 1982