Abonos verdes de leñosas y no leñosas como fuente de nitrógeno a cultivos anuales uri icon


  • The capacity of woody and non-woody species to supply N to rice (Oryza sativa) was evaluated in field and greenhouse experiments in Palmira, Colombia. N liberation rates decreased in the order: Indigofera constricta > Mucuna deerengianum > Mucuna pruriens var. Brunin > Tithonia diversifolia = Canavalia brasiliensis > M. pruriens var. Tlalt > M. pruriens var. IITA > Cratylia argentea. Rice obtained the greatest quantities of N from M. deerengianum, M. pruriens var. Brunin, T. diversifolia and C. brasiliensis. These materials also had the highest in vitro digestibility and N content and the lowest lignin/N and (lignin + polyphenol)/N ratios of all the green manures evaluated

publication date

  • 1999