Cumulative relative water supply: a methodology for assessing irrigation system performance uri icon


  • This paper discusses the usefulness and limitations of using the concept of Relative Water Supply (RWS) for evaluating the performance of irrigation systems, with special reference to systems irrigating rice. It then describes and demonstrates the use of a modification of RWS called Cumulative Relative Water Supply (CRWS), which can be used in conjunction with RWS. The advantage of CRWS is that it provides a measure of the cumulated RWS throughout a season, both in absolute terms at any given time, and in terms of the overall seasonal trend. It allows comparison of performance of an irrigation system or subsystem both to the target, and to other systems or subsystems. It can therefore be used both as an analytical tool by researchers, and as an operational tool by managers. The use of CRWS in conjunction with RWS is illustrated with examples from Sri Lanka

publication date

  • 1993