Rapid determination of Arabinoxylans in bread wheat and its genetic analysis uri icon


  • Arabinoxylans is one of the most wheat quality characters and has profound effect on baking quality. A total, 101 F7 lines from the cross of 83 Zhong 33 and Yumai 49 were used to determine total and water-soluble arabinoxylans content extracted with phloroglucinol and glacial acetic acid and identify puroindoline alleles by PCR. Results indicated that extremely significant influences on water-soluble arabinoxylans (P<0.01) were observed by genotype and environment, respectively while total arabinoxylans was mainly controlled by environment. Both of total and water-soluble arabinoxylans in RILs didn’t belong to normal distribution. In addition, lines with Pina-D1b genotype had significantly higher water-soluble arabinoxylans content than that of wild type, suggesting that puroindoline alleles have an important effect on arabinoxylans content in wheat. This study could provide a rapid method for the determination of arabinoxylans in wheat and information of improving wheat quality

publication date

  • 2007