Utilization of Yecora F70 and its derivatives in Chinese wheat quality improvement uri icon


  • An important objective in wheat breeding is to improve bot h processing quality and yield potential . Using high quality germplasm Yecora F70 int roduced f rom International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT) , high quality line J ing 771 was developed in 1981 , followed by Zhongzuo 813121 , Zhongyou 9507 , and Zhongyou 206 , which all maintained good bread making quality and have been released. The new cultivar Zhongyou 206 combines excellent bread making quality with high grain yield potential. Zhongzuo 813121 and it s derived lines is one of the quality donor s in Chinese wheat quality improvement program. The progress in breeding for bread making quality by utilization of Yecora F70 and its derivaties was review to provide some met hods and experiences for Chinese wheat quality improvement

publication date

  • 2007