Evaluation of molecular markers specific for 1BL-1RS translocation and characterization of 1RS chromosome in wheat varieties from different origins uri icon


  • For the purpose of discriminating the 1BL-1RS translocation for wheat quality improvement, a total of ten STS, one SCAR and four RAPD markers specific to 1BL-1RS translocations as well as 22 SSR markers located on 1RS were employed to detect 78 accessions of 1BL-1RS translocations, 10 non-1BL?1RS translocations, and three rye materials. The 1BL-1RS translocations included Zhou 8425B and its 36 derivatives, Lankao 906 and its five derivatives, Aimengniu and its eight derivatives, and Lovrin series with 1BL?1RS translocation (29 accessions). With the help of seven STS, one SCAR, three RAPD, and three SSR markers, the 1BL?1RS translocations were identified effectively. Markers -sec-p1/-sec-p2, -sec-p3/-sec-p4, H20, and SECA2/SECA3 were the best with stable amplification, clear bands on electrophoresis gel, good repeatability, and simple operation. In the 78 1BL-1RS translocations, no diversities were observed according to the markers located on 1RS

publication date

  • 2009