Evaluation of CIMMYT drought tolerant maize germplasm for resistance to weevil (Sitophilus zeamais Motschulky) damage uri icon


  • This study was carried out to evaluate and assess the phenotypic correlation between the primary and secondary weevil resistant traits of 20 drought tolerant (DT) late maturing maize hybrids (LHYB) to weevil (Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky) damage. Well-conditioned experimental samples with uniform grain moisture content were infested with 32; 10 to 14 day old weevils in the controlled temperature and humidity (CTH) environment for 55 days. Data were collected on kernel volume (KV) and grain hardness (GH) at the start of the experiment, percent weevil mortality (%WM) at the 21st day and percent grain weight loss (%GWL) and F1 weevil progeny emergence (F1WPE) at the 55th day of oviposition. Data were collected on starch, oil and protein content to confer resistance to weevil damage. There were highly significant differences (P<0.001) in F1WPE and %GWL, (P<0, 01) in KV while no significant differences were observed for %WM and GH. The obtained data confirmed that, there was a positive and significant correlation between F1WPE and %GWL, while a negative and significant correlation was observed between F1WPE and %WM. Hybrids CZH131022, CZH131003, CZH132064, CZH132069 and CZH132068 were the top five weevil resistant while hybrids CZH132066, CZH132065, CZH132074, CZH131008 and CZH132063 were the top five most susceptible

publication date

  • 2015