Host response of Southeast Asian Musa genotypes to Radopholus similis uri icon


  • Thirty-four Southeast Asian Musa genotypes maintained at the Southeast Asian Regional Banana Genebank at the Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI) in Davao, Philippines were evaluated for resistance to Radopholus similis under greenhouse conditions at the Bureau of Plant Industry, Davao City, Philippines. Tissue-cultured plantlets of 1 month old were inoculated with 1000 vermiforms of R. similis. Nine weeks after inoculation, root damage and nematode populations in the root system were determined. The host-plant response of the different Southeast(resistant, AAA) and Asian varieties was compared with the reference genotypes 'Yangambi Km 5', Grand Nain' (susceptible, AAA). Based on the nematode reproduction in the roots, three genotypes were identified as resistant to R. similis: 'Kluai Pa 2' (AA), 'K. Nang Nuan' (AAB) and 'Pisang Papan'(AAA)

publication date

  • 2011