Phytochemical Evaluation of Pummelo Fruits (Citrus grandis) in India for Enhancing Marketing Opportunities uri icon


  • Pummelo (Citrus maxima) is a nutrient-rich citrus fruit that helps to preserve human health and provide nutritional security. The objective of the study was to investigate the effect of different sites on the phytochemicals content in eight accessions collected across India. Different varieties of pummelo were collected and analysed for their physico-chemical, biochemical and phytochemical properties, mainly total soluble solids (TSS), acidity, total phenols, limonoids, hesperidin and naringin. Results revealed that individual phytochemicals, flavonoids showed unique characteristics. Considerable differences were observed regarding the naringin (51.42?129.66 mg/l) and hesperidin (0.44?3.35 mg/l) contents among the different accessions. Naringin the predominant flavonone glycoside along with hesperidin was recorded highest in Pummelo from Salem (Tamil Nadu) as compared to the other accessions

publication date

  • 2015