Synopsis of Socioeconomic considerations in biosafety descisionmaking: Methods and implementation uri icon


  • The use of genetically modified (GM) crops has increased over the years since the United States, Argentina, Canada, Australia, and Mexico each commercialized one or more of certain GM crops- insect-resistant cotton and maize and herbicide-tolerant canola and soybeans- in 1996. By 2012, at least 12 crops with a number of GM traits were planted on 170 million hectares in 28 countries. Most adopting countries have commercialized these crops after implementing regulatory frameworks that include standard food and environmental risk assessments. Numerous countries, including some in Africa, are making decisions based not only on these risk assessments but also on the potential socioeconomic effects of GM crops' adoption and use, such as their impact on trade and farmers' income

publication date

  • 2013